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cheap and reliable web hosting?

edited November 8 in Requests

I am looking for a cheap web hosting with dedicated ip.
Anyone has any good idea or any details of any provider.
budget is 30 usd.
Requirements: 30gb hosting space, Dedicated ip, 100% uptime.
What are your views on Canadian VPS hosting packages? Are they affordable? Any other host for comparison, please? Thanks.


  • Just make sure, whoever you pick, to do your homework. Web hosting is kinda like going on a job interview.. "its all about being at the right place at the right time." just because 50 other people may have bad experiences, doesn't mean you will.

  • I've been with for over a year. Managed VPS has been fairly good.
    The support is good and fast. My site's performance is great.

  • Fully satisfied with Canadian VPS. I've received prompt service and advice; they regularly send out notices about possible service issues and equipment upgrades; they do a good job of keeping their terrific suite of add-on scripts up to date and maintained.

  • 30 USD per month or per year?

    Your budget is good if its monthly.

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