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HostNamaste OpenVZ VPS

Trustworthy VPS account to sign up with ...

VPS plans from and are provided on sweet terms and I have to select the best one for hosting a forum, so what should I do?


    • Good Servers: Hardware matters, old vintage slow and outdated severs may not be able to handle modern day websites.
    • Simple hosting tools and panels, easy to work and having options to retain flexibility.
    • Speedy support.
      I think fits in all of these well. That’s way they are really good.
  • I have accounts on two of VPS hosting, light loads and fast connections, almost no downtime and most important, no overselling. It is really cool for running WordPress blogs. Customer service. Easily create and manage databases.

  • When I first moved to Bitcoin VPS, I found web access was fine - their support team was very helpful with transferring files to them. The host seems to recognize that putting in a little extra effort pays dividends in terms of keeping the customer satisfied and thereby keeping the customer.

  • For the price I pay for the amount of space I get is a brilliant host. I couldn't ask for faster support.
    Usually requests are answered with in 15 minutes. They truly care about your well being and are such nice people.

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